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24/7 in the real world

  If you asked if our dynamic is 24/7 I would have to say no, and yes. See, it’s not a yes/no question.   Yes, something is always on. No, It’s not like you read in Erotic books.    Yes, there are daily tasks and protocols that she follows.  For most of these, we looked at her daily routine and just attached points to the things she wanted to remind herself to do each day.   For example, She is supposed to be up and dressed by a certain time.  This is an easy enough ask during the school year when the kids need to get to class and we are both up by 0600, but, on weekends and the summer, this rule helps keep her motivated.   She and I are both night owls, and if left to our own, we would stay up to all hours and then sleep through lunch.   I have a job that expects me to respond to emails and attend meetings by 9 am.  However, she is a stay-at-home mom, by putting a “Dressed by” rule in place, she has a reason within the dynamic to keep similar hours to me.    We have similar rules arou