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Real Men use tools!

  In the matter of sex toys in the bedroom, Toxic Masculinity holds us back!   “Oh, Shit” I can already hear some readers thinking. “Ray has gone Woke”   Well, to be honest, I always have been, but I am also thinking about how Toxic masculinity works against us as men.     You see, we get told a lot of bullshit growing up.   We are told that sex is an act of conquest.  We are told that women don’t like to have sex and we have to convince them  We are told that our worth as men is partially measured by the frequency we get a woman into bed.  and  We are told that we need to be self-reliant and self-sufficient  These lies all work to damage our sexual relationships in very real ways.   Because we see sex as an act of conquest where we are convincing women to do something they don’t like, we have trouble fully grasping the importance of consent.   Let me make something clear.  Most women like sex very much!   Because we measure our worth by sex, we tend to get very defensive and at times