Erotic Fantasy vs Real Life


(Note: I include the following in the forward for any story I publish)
Writing erotic of fantasy can be challenging.  Especially when you dip into the "Taboo" You always worry that people will take your words the wrong way, or fail to understand the difference between a fantasy and a reality.  Outside of writing fiction, I try to advocate for safe, sane and consensual kink as much as we can.  Most of what I write in fiction would not qualify as healthy dynamics. 

These stories are absolute fantasy, the kind of thing you might imagine in a role play.   Sometimes it can be fun for a couple to imagine themselves in a situation like the ones depicted in these stories, but when they do, they should always recognize that it is in the act of play.   A healthy relationship is a relationship where the humanity and value of every person is respected. 

Too often, I have heard horror stories from people new to kink being taken advantage of by abusers that would use a work of popular fiction, out of context, as justification for their bad behavior.  

Always remember, consent is key above all things. All kink involves inherent risk, take precautions to make those activities safer.  Risk Aware Consensual Kink (RACK) should always be practiced.  Research any activity before you try it. Research any lifestyle before you dive in.  Always make sure everyone involved fully understands and is enthusiastically prepared to participate.


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