NOW AVAILABLE: Bound in Nexum: Committed to Serve

In addition to making TikToks and writing this blog, my partner and I have been working on some erotic fiction.  The experience has been illuminating and I am glad to hit the first milestone as of today!  

Bound in Nexum

Sarah Soshi was overwhelmed with debt, and slipping.  As she watched her options dwindle before her eyes,  she is given a shocking proposal from the charming Richard.  

The legalization of sex work has would allow Sarah to sign herself entirely over to Richard.  He would control her every moment, what she wore, what she ate, what she said, she would belong to him.  
In return her debts would disappear and, if she finished the agreed upon term, she would be wealthy. 

It was an arrangement the ancient Romans had called "Nexum" 


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