Suddenly the cork popped

My wife and I were married and vanilla for over 10 years. Suddenly the cork popped and we dove head first into this spicy journey.

While making love, I tried something new, I pinned her wrists over her head. She said "tie them."


What followed was an open and honest conversation about our desires, confessing things we were keeping to ourselves because we thought they would freak out the other person.  The whole time we had ben together, I had suppressed the urge to tie her up and dominate her, thinking that she would take offense. At the same time, she had been hiding her desire to be restrained and used, thinking I was too modern for such ideas.

In that conversation, we discovered that we had very compatible kinks.

Over the next few months, we, through some trial and error, found ourselves in to our roles. We have been refining this dynamic for five years now.

Today we have a rewarding and satisfying dynamic. It has moved beyond the bedroom and, elements of our dynamic now touch every part of our lives. It's something that is always there, always pulling us together.

I would say that the introduction of kink, in a respectful and well negotiated way, has made every part of our marriage better. I will also say that, as far as the bedroom is concerned, we have been on a "second honeymoon" for about five years straight.


But here is the thing...

We could have had that conversation at ANY POINT from when we first started dating in the '90s up through the night when I pinned her wrists.

I regret all the years we missed because we were too wrapped up in our own insecurities to admit to OURSELVES and to each other that we were kinky.

So, if YOU are in a long term relationship, and you think you know everything about your partner, ask yourself. Is there anything deep down that you have NOT told them? If there is, it's likely they are still holding onto something too.

Do you want to try something kinky but, you are afraid of what they will say? You need to have the conversation.


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